Winter L.A.B.S.


Duct Tape Designs

Tuesday, December 26

Duct tape was created to wrap air ducts on construction sites, but can be used for so much more! Learn how to make duct tape accessories, test how strong it is, and discover properties that make it glow! Stretch your imagination in this sticky science camp to create an original DUCTASTIC masterpiece!  

Freeze It!

Wednesday, December 27

What happens when temperatures plummet and things freeze?  Learn about the science of winter in a day of super cool experiments and frozen fun! We’ll test out animal adaptations to their winter environments and explore the properties of ice and snow.  Join us to discover the frozen side of science!

Sticky Science

Thursday, December 28

Come explore chemistry through icky, squishy experiments! From stretchy polymers to sticky concoctions, we’ll unleash the hidden potential of substances all around us with hands-on fun. Grab your goggles and prepare to dive into the wonderful world of slimy substances!

Twirl & Whirl

Friday, December 29

Get ready to explore the physics of things that twirl and whirl! Join us to discover how spinning toys keep rotating, and learn how helicopters, dandelions and maple seeds fly! The experiments we have in store are sure to leave you with your head spinning!

Amusement Park Science

Tuesday, January 2

Experiment with physics, friction, inertia, and momentum to find out how amusement park rides work! Use your design and engineering skills to create a marble rollercoaster. Get your ticket and jump on for the ride of your life!

Kitchen Concoctions

Wednesday, January 3

Like experimenting in the kitchen and playing with your food? Then this is the camp for you! Transform ordinary ingredients found in your pantry into amazing chemistry concoctions! Explore solutions, reactions, and more while you create edible science experiments that are sure to wow your senses! 

Art Challenge

Thursday, January 4

Science and art have so much in common! Together, we’ll investigate color and texture and find inspiration in unlikely places. Test new techniques and make your own unique works of art to take home. Let your inner artist loose in this colorful and creative camp!

Motion Magic

Friday, January 5

Bounce, roll, glide and run while you explore the physics of movement in this camp! Try your hand at stop-motion animation, study patterns from splatter, and discover how things speed through air, water, and on the ground while dealing with friction and resistance.



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