Winter L.A.B.S.


Mission: Impossible

Monday, December 23

Calling all spy agents-in-training! Create your disguise and go undercover as we solve mysteries at the Science Center. You'll use spy gadgets, decipher a secret message, and analyze evidence. It's up to you, Agent, to solve the case! 


Ice Age

Thursday, December 26

Explore the wonders of the Ice Age in this chilling hands-on camp! We'll dig for fossils, conduct experiments with ice, and learn all about prehistoric animals that once roamed the Earth. Join us to unlock the frozen secrets of the Ice Age!


Crack the Code!

Friday, December 27

From complex computer scripts to secret messages to even your own DNA, codes are all around us! In this hands-on camp, you'll learn the fundamentals of programming and turn everyday objects into your own interactive playground!  


Potato Chip Science

Monday, December 30

Join us as we discover the experimental fun behind empty chip bags, potatoes, and, of course, potato chips! We'll make a battery out of a potato and test the pH levels of various kinds of chips!


Sticky Science

Tuesday, December 31

Come explore the sticky side of science through icky, squishy experiments! From stretchy polymers to sticky concoctions, we'll unleash the hidden potential of substances all around us!


Extreme Energy

Thursday, January 2

We're taking science to the extreme in this day of energy-filled fun! Explore the power of kinetic energy, build an electric circuit, and discover how to harness the power of sustainable energy sources!


Do Try This at Home!

Friday, January 3

In this camp, we'll conduct experiments you can modify and recreate at home. We'll try our hands at some kitchen chemistry, dive into density, and create static electricity! Science is all around us--especially at home!


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