Winter L.A.B.S.


Towers & Structures

Wednesday, December 26

Ready, set, build! Let your imagination soar as you challenge the forces of tension and compression to build truly epic towers! Explore building materials from LEGO®s to cardboard to toothpicks and beyond as you design like an engineer and architect. We’ll end the day on a high note with a life-size fort-building extravaganza! 


Science of Motion

Thursday, December 27

Moving objects are everywhere, but what do you know about motion on a scientific level? Join us as we explore Newton’s Laws by playing with spinning tops. Then build ramps and create mini tracks to investigate the forces, friction, and speed of moving objects you can test and change.


Slime & Concoctions

Friday, December 28

Goggle up for an awesome day of slime and goo! Create the ooey, gooey concoctions of your dreams mixing different everyday ingredients, solutions, and more! You’ll also explore the properties of matter and experience the amazing state of non-Newtonian fluids!  


LEGO® Builder

Monday, December 31

Unleash your creativity designing and building with LEGO®s! Challenge your inner artist and engineer to create totally unique constructions, prototype the fastest LEGO® cars, and build the strongest structure of the day! 


Art Explosion

Wednesday, January 2

Embrace your artistic instincts and scientific curiosity as you experiment with tools and play with techniques to make amazingly unique art! From Alka-Seltzer masterpieces to messy artful concoctions, your creativity will lead the way to brilliance. Make viscosity your muse in a gravity painting challenge that seamlessly fuses the power of science and art! 


Frozen Science

Thursday, January 3

Brrrrrr! Bring your hat and mittens for a day exploring the science of frozen objects! You’ll conduct experiments with dry ice and examine the process of crystallization! Join us as we take a closer look at the structure of a snowflake and examine how temperature affects liquids. 


Tinker & Innovate

Friday, January 4

We’re surrounded by machines—from blenders to alarm clocks. Join us on this most inquisitive day of reverse engineering things we use every day! Using a mash-up of materials, tools, and hardware, come tinker all day long and invent a machine all your own!


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