Winter L.A.B.S.

Learn about basic science in science-themed day camps! L.A.B.S. camps offer children hands-on experiences exploring scientific concepts through interactive experimentation, challenges, artistic expression, and play. These camps are designed to pique your child's interest in the world around them, encourage curiosity and creativity, and celebrate new discoveries each day. Learn about our safety and cleaning procedures for camp here.


Space is limited!

Note: Registration will open on November 9, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.


Who: Ages 5–11

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  |  Before and after care from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $60/day for member  |  $75/day for not-yet member (Camp scholarships are available; please email to learn more)

Register: Online (see buttons below), or call (517) 485-8116, ext. 132

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After Registering: Please fill out this emergency release form. Thank you!

Information for Parents: L.A.B.S. Camp Information


Toy Inventor

December 19 & January 3

Have you ever wanted to design your own toys? We’ll start the day by building our own versions of some classic toys, and use reverse engineering to figure out how they’re put together. Then, explore the design process as you sketch, describe, and create prototypes for the toys of your own invention!


Crack The Code

December 20 & January 4

From complex computer scripts, to secret messages, to even your own DNA, codes and programs are all around us! In this hands-on camp, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming to help solve problems. Campers ages 5-8 can expect to spend half of their day using Osmo sets, campers ages 9-11 will be using LEGO WeDo to practice their programming skills.


Potato Chip Science

December 21 & January 5

Join us as we discover the experimental fun behind empty chip bags, potatoes, and, of course, potato chips! We’ll test the pH levels of various kinds of potato chips, and design useful tools out of chip bags and cans! Potato chips + science = Fun!


Water, Water, Everywhere!

December 22 & January 6

Splish, splash, this is going to be a blast! Get soaked with hands-on experiments in this H2O-filled camp. Explore density and understand why some things sink and others float. Create watercolor art and discover how important it is to keep our waterways clean and healthy! You’ll take water exploration to new depths as we discover the amazing, splashing science of water!



December 23

Dinosaurs, fossils, and evolution, oh my! Dig into the hands-on side of 4.6 billion years of life on Earth! How are fossils formed and how do they help show the changing nature of life? Make fossil replicas and dig for real fossils you can take home!


Snow Day Science

December 27

Stay in your pajamas and join us for this cozy day of science! We’ll investigate the chemistry of snow, perform experiments on breakfast cereal, and use geometry to make paper snowflakes. In true Winter L.A.B.S. tradition, we’ll design and engineer the best blanket fort ever!


Amazing Artists

December 28

Discover how much science and art have in common through art projects and colorful chemistry experiments. We’ll paint, draw, and make 3-D art! Things are sure to get messy in this colorful camp!


Science of Pokémon

December 29

If you Gotta Catch ‘em All, this is the camp for you! Explore the life cycles of Butterfree as you compare them to real-life butterflies, harness the electrical power of Pikachu, and make your own Bulbasaur planter to take home!


Cool Chemistry

December 30

Discover the chemistry all around you and make something new! Create science in action with a chemical reaction! Whether we’re making slimy polymers, bubbling reactions, or just big sticky messes, it’s all part of the fun! Grab your goggles and prepare to dive into the wonderful world of chemistry!