Mission & Vision

In 1972, Marilynne Eichinger set out to create an open and free environment for children and families to learn together using their hands. She opened Impression 5 Science Center—a dynamic, interactive space for families to play, create, and challenge their understanding of science together—and, in so doing, opened one of the first hands-on science centers in the country! As it sounds, our very name “Impression 5” refers to our purpose: encouraging you to explore your world and make meaningful connections to science using all five senses.


Today, we have the honor of playing with over 160,000 guests annually here in downtown Lansing—discovering and exploring science with interactive, hand-built exhibits, thoughtful programming that encourages risk taking, teamwork, and problem solving skills.


We believe science is for everyone. From ADA accessibility to the needs of families young and old, your comfort and safety are our main priorities. Our goal is to welcome you and your family—to anticipate your needs—to make your experience here the best imaginable.


Click here to review our current Strategic Plan, which guides our mission-based work and initiatives.