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Frequently Asked Questions About Membership:

1. What do I receive when I purchase the membership?

A: Once you purchase your membership, we’ll give you a set of temporary member cards, which will be replaced by a permanent set of cards loaded with your family details. Please expect your member cards via mail within 10 business days, along with a letter confirming your purchase and reciprocal member benefits.  


2. How do I apply for a membership scholarship?

A: Call us at (517) 485-8116, ext. 126 for eligibility information.


3. How do I get a replacement card?

A: Simply let us know! In person, via phone, or here. There is a $5 fee for processing and mailing a replacement membership card.


4. When will I get my membership card?

A: Thanks for allowing us 10 business days from the time you purchase your membership to the time you receive your member cards in the mail. Your temporary cards are valid in the interim.


5. How do I update my information?

A: Thanks for keeping us in the know! You can call us at (517) 485-8116, ext. 126 or email us with any contact or child updates.


6. What does reciprocity mean and how does it benefit my family?

A: Reciprocity is a fancy way of saying your membership gets you reduced or free access to 400+ similar organizations that bring you and your family one step closer to an awesome experience. Wherever and whenever you travel, bring your membership card and make the most of this learning community.


Impression 5 Science Center Reciprocal Community for members :

Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC):

All member levels receive free or reduced admission to ASTC organizations outside 90 miles of Impression 5 Science Center. Find participating ASTC organizations to visit!

Association of Children Museums (ACM):

Elemental members receive 50% off admission to ACM organizations for up to six family members. Find participating ACM organizations to visit!

Always call the organization you’re planning to visit ahead of time to check the admission benefits they choose to extend!


7. Why don’t all ASTC/ACM institutions honor member reciprocity with free or reduced admission?

A: This one is a bit complicated. Both ASTC and ACM have their own reciprocal programs with different parameters, so we’ll answer this one in two parts:

Why are some ASTC institutions not free?

A: To protect the membership value of individual organizations across the country, ASTC permits institutions to allow or deny reciprocal membership benefits within a 90-mile radius (as the crow flies). Non-profits have to pay the bills, too.

Why don’t all ACM organizations honor discounted admission?

A: ACM reciprocity typically only honors a discounted reciprocal rate, which they can mandate, and it’s rarely free admission. And because ACM organizations tend to be larger, many have special exhibitions, experiences, or add-ons that do not apply to member reciprocity.


8. What discounts do I get with my membership?

A: All membership levels provide discounts on all young child programming, L.A.B.S. camps, LEARN 517 homeschool programming, LEGO®Palooza tickets, along with 15% off all Impression 5 TO GO store items, and free, exclusive access to all member-only events.


9. Is my membership refundable?

A: If you decide membership isn’t for you, we hope you’ll consider your membership payment as a tax-deductible donation.


Temporary Pandemic Membership Refund Policy (effective through December 31, 2020)

If you wish to receive a refund for your current membership based on the COVID-19 pandemic, you can choose between a 50% refund OR the option to convert 100% of your membership value to a donation (we will provide you an updated tax-deduction letter). Please email Joyce White at to make your request. 


10. Is my membership tax-deductible?

A: A portion of your membership may be tax deductible!


11. Do the two adults have to be spouses or members of the same household?

A: Your membership includes any two adults you choose, but the adults must live in the same household.


12. Is there a limit to the number of children that can be part of the membership?

A: Big or small, your whole family is welcome! You can name ALL of your immediate family’s children 18 years old or younger to your membership!


13. Is the membership a yearly membership (January to December) or does it begin the month I purchase the membership?

A. All memberships are annual (12 months) beginning with the month you sign up. For example, if you purchase a membership March 1, 2017, your membership will expire on March 31, 2018, unless you renew.