Add Workshops & Experiences to enhance your epic group science adventure!


Ages 5 and Younger

Pre-School Experiences

Magnets Jr.

Compare magnets with familiar materials to investigate the properties and forces of magnetism!

Fee: $1.00/student

Biospheres Jr.

What does all life need to survive? Plant a seed and learn the answer during this eye-opening experience!

Fee: $2.00/student


Go beyond counting and explore numbers and predictions in science. Estimate, mix, and learn about numbers that help us measure liquids and solids!

Fee: $2.00/student


Ages 5 and Older

Science Experiences (25-30 min.)

Circuit Builders

Alter the path of an electron, explore power sources, and investigate the difference between series and parallel circuit with Snap Circuits!

Fee: $1.00/student


Identify sources of light and explore concepts of reflection and refraction for a full spectrum experience!

Fee: $2.00/student


Discover how molecules interact in solids, liquids, and gasses demonstrating physical and chemical changes before your eyes while making your own bag of slime!

Fee: $2.00/student

Static Electricity (Only available September – April annually)

Experiment with static electricity and explore conductors, insulators, circuits, currents, and more with our Van de Graaff generator in a shocking and hair-raising experience!

Fee: $1.00/student


In-Depth Science Workshops (30-45 min.)

Tectonic Plates & Landforms

Get hands-on with tectonic plates! Explore how their movement affects Earth's many landforms.

Fee: $3.00/student            Grades: 3 & up


Build on your physical science lessons with an exploration of plants, photosynthesis, and carbon and water cycles by creating your own self-contained biome!

Fee: $2.00/student           Grades: All

Force & Motion

Gain a deeper understanding of motion, speed, acceleration, gravity, and force through a challenge that puts students in control of the variables to test, manipulate, and measure results!

Fee: $1.00/student           Grades: All

Engineering Design Challenge

Engage in the design process and experiment with iterations of a device you create to achieve maximum success in an engineering challenge!

Fee: $3.00/student           Grades: K-2 (sailboats), 3-5 (invasive species)

Paper Circuits Workshop

Explore complexities of switches and paths of electricity while creating your own unique paper circuit.

Fee: $3.00/student           Grades: 3 & up