Enhance your class visit with a hands-on workshop! It’s 30 minutes of highly immersive learning time that focuses on strengthening content comprehension.

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School-Age Workshops


Build on your physical science lessons with an exploration of plants, photosynthesis, and carbon and water cycles by creating your own self-contained biome!

Fee: $2.00

Standard(s): K-LS1, K-ESS3, 2-LS2, 5-PS3, 5-LS1

Circuit Builders

Alter the path of an electron, explore power sources, and investigate the difference between series and parallel circuit with Snap Circuits!

Fee: $1.00

Force & Motion

Gain a deeper understanding of motion, speed, acceleration, gravity, and force through a challenge that puts students in control of the variables to test, manipulate, and measure results!

Fee: $1.00

Standard(s): J-PS2, K-2-ETS1, 3-PS2


Identify sources of light and explore concepts of reflection and refraction for a full spectrum experience!

Fee: $2.00

Standard(s): 1-PS4, 4-PS3, 4-PS4


Explore magnetic fields and objects with magnetic or non-magnetic properties while learning about magnetic poles and how compasses work!

Fee: $1.00

Standard(s): 3-PS2


Discover how molecules interact in solids, liquids, and gasses demonstrating physical and chemical changes before your eyes while making your own bag of slime!

Fee: $2.00

Standard(s): 2-PS1, 5-PS1


Dive into the properties of water, including density, mass, and volume, as well as discussing methods of water conservation and how water pollution affects the environment.

Fee: $2.00

Standard(s): 2-ESS2, 5-ESS2

Static Electricity (Only available September – April annually)

Experiment with static electricity and explore conductors, insulators, circuits, currents, and more with our Van de Graff generator in a hair-raising experience!

Fee: $1.00

Standard(s): 4-PS3


Pre-School Workshops (Ages 5 and younger)


Dig, discover, and learn about the fossil remains of plants and animals from long ago!

Fee: $2.00

Simple Machines

Explore levers, pulleys, screws, and wedges through open-ended challenges to investigate the science behind the basic forces of movement.

Fee: $1.00

Magnets, Jr.

Compare magnets with familiar materials to investigate the properties and forces of magnetism!

Fee: $1.00