Add an Experience to your class visit! It’s 25-30 minute introductory session that focuses on scientific behaviors and hands-on learning.


School-Age Experiences

Circuit Builders

Alter the path of an electron, explore power sources, and investigate the difference between series and parallel circuit with Snap Circuits!

Fee: $1.00/student


Identify sources of light and explore concepts of reflection and refraction for a full spectrum experience!

Fee: $2.00/student


Discover how molecules interact in solids, liquids, and gasses demonstrating physical and chemical changes before your eyes while making your own bag of slime!

Fee: $2.00/student

Static Electricity (Only available September – April annually)

Experiment with static electricity and explore conductors, insulators, circuits, currents, and more with our Van de Graff generator in a hair-raising experience!

Fee: $1.00/student


Pre-School Experiences (Ages 5 and younger)

Force & Motion Jr.

Explore the science of gravity through playful experimentation with ramps, balls, and more!

Fee: $1.00/student

Magnets Jr.

Compare magnets with familiar materials to investigate the properties and forces of magnetism!

Fee: $1.00/student

Biospheres Jr.

What does all life need to survive? Plant a seed and learn the answer during this eye-opening experience!

Fee: $1.00/student




Enhance your class visit with a hands-on Workshop! These sessions are 30-45 minutes of highly immersive learning time that focuses on strengthening content comprehension.

Schedule a Workshop during your visit!


School-Age Workshops

Tectonic Plates & Landforms

Get hands-on with tectonic plates! Explore how their movement affects Earth's many landforms.

Fee: $3.00/student            Grades: 3 & up


Build on your physical science lessons with an exploration of plants, photosynthesis, and carbon and water cycles by creating your own self-contained biome!

Fee: $2.00/student           Grades: All

Force & Motion

Gain a deeper understanding of motion, speed, acceleration, gravity, and force through a challenge that puts students in control of the variables to test, manipulate, and measure results!

Fee: $1.00/student           Grades: All

Engineering Design Challenge

Engage in the design process and experiment with iterations of a device you create to achieve maximum success in an engineering challenge!

Fee: $3.00/student           Grades: K-2 (sailboats), 3-5 (invasive species)

Paper Circuits Workshop

Explore complexities of switches and paths of electricity while creating your own unique paper circuit.

Fee: $3.00/student           Grades: 3 & up



Pre-School Workshops (Ages 5 and younger)

Storm Science

Lightning flashes, thunder crashes, and clouds roll in as we discover the science behind severe weather systems! Experiment with different weather patterns and explore the science of clouds! 

Fee: $2.00/student