Age 8-9

Amazing Artists

June 12-16

Let science be your muse and unleash your inner artist! We’ll use physics to analyze paint splatters, chemistry colors, and engineering to design 3-D art. Prepare to get a little messy as you create stunning works of art!


Movie Magic

June 19-23

Lights! Camera! Action! Find your role as a writer, actor, or director, to develop your very own movie. Explore the movie-making process–from writing and storyboards to filming and editing. You’l learn the science of lighting, sound effects, camera technology, and more!


LEGO® Robotics

June 26-30

Using sensors and gears, you’ll turn ordinary LEGO®s into amazing moving robots! We will use the LEGO® Spike™ Essential system to navigate challenges and make our creations even better. This experience involves teamwork, problem solving, creativity, and fun!


Superpowered Science

July 10-14

Jump into the multiverse and explore the science behind your favorite superheroes, from Captain Marvel’s photon blasts to the incredible technology of Wakanda. Create Venom Goo, explore the geometry of the Mirror Dimension, and undergo agility training worthy of Black Widow and Hawkeye!


Space Cadets

July 17-21

Get ready to explore the solar system and beyond! Create your own telescope to explore the constellations, learn about the sun, and find out what it takes to explore space! You’ll have a blast during this stellar week of cosmic adventure!


Video Game Designer

July 24-28

Come design a virtual world and all its characters! This camp offers opportunities to engage in Scratch programming to build your own game. Draw inspiration from existing games as you explore the history of this ever-evolving industry!


Amusement Park Science

July 31-August4

Experiment with physics, friction, inertia, and momentum to find out how amusement park rides work! Use your design and engineering skills to create miniature models of your favorite rides. Get ready for the ride of your life!


Chemistry Craze

August 7-11

Fizzing potions, oozing eruptions, and flashy explosions are what this week is all about! Explore the world of acids and bases through bubbly, sticky, and slimy experiments. Pour and stir your way to creating amazing concoctions!


Castle Adventure

August 14-18

Travel back in time with us to find out what life would have been like living in a magical castle! Try on a few different roles as we design castles, build siege weapons to attack them, and create your own coat of arms in this legendary camp! Experiment with alchemy, cast spells, and learn about fantastical mythical creatures!


Natural Wonders

August 21-25

The outdoors is your classroom this week! Search for bugs, feed the birds, and learn to identify plants. We’ll take regular nature walks, examine artifacts we’ve collected, and create beautiful natural art. Your love of nature will soar in this awesome nature camp!