Age 5


Nature Investigators

June 12-16

Explore the great outdoors as we examine bugs, investigate the water cycle, and grow our own plants. We’ll feed the birds and take a closer look at the shapes and textures of leaves. We’ll take nature walks each day, too!


Jr. Spy

June 19-23

Calling all spy agents-in-training! Explore the world of spies through hands-on discovery of secret messages and codes. Create undercover tools to help you look around corners and see behind you! Disguise yourself in science during this amazing camp!


Artists at Work

June 26-30

Forget the crayons! Become an expert artist by creating paints, designing sculptures, and making your own erupting masterpieces. Investigate color and try out new techniques as we make beautiful art while exploring science.


Curious Chemists

July 10-14

Come explore chemistry through fizzy, sticky, and squishy experiments! We’ll make slime, volcanoes, and even rockets! Uncover the hidden potential of substances all around us.


Doc McStuffins

July 17-21

Join Dottie McStuffins for a week of make-it-better science! Follow Doc’s lead and investigate the work of real people who fix things. Step into the role of doctor, veterinarian, and mechanic to solve problems, conduct fun experiments, and more!


Dinosaur Safari

July 24-28

Get prehistoric by investigating the life of dinosaurs. Stomp around while learning about dino diets, fossils, and extinction! Grab a shovel–we’re going to be digging up some serious fun!


Sense-sational Science

July 31-August 4

Get a taste of what it means to be a real scientist by improving your observational skills and getting in touch with your body and five senses. How does what you hear affect the insight you’ll get from this sense-sational adventure? Wait, can you smell that? Science is in the air… discover it!


Outer Space Adventure

August 7-11

Do you wonder what it would be like to walk on another planet? Suit up as we investigate the wonders of outer space! Explore the solar system by creating telescopes, designing planets, and learning about real astronauts. Expand your knowledge and your imagination to the size of the solar system!


Pirate Adventure

August 14-18

Arrr you ready for a week of pirate fun? Learn about navigation, astronomy, and pirate nutrition as we explore what life at sea is like. Build a ship to sail safely through unruly waves, then use your compass and treasure maps for an epic science adventure! It’s the pirate’s life for you!


Ready, Set, Build!

August 21-25

Calling all architects and engineers in the making! Design with blocks, LEGO®s, food, and more while we explore how structures are built. You’ll learn about forces, engineering, and more in this brick-tastic camp!


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