Age 10-12

Secret Formulas

June 12-16

Take your chemistry skills to the max in this week of hands-on fun! We’ll explore the chemistry behind your favorite snacks and drinks to discover what makes them so delicious. Experiment with open-source cola recipes to make your own soft drink!


Science of Star Wars

June 19-23

Join us in a galaxy far, far away to create droids, build lightsabers, and wield The Force. Explore the swamps of Dagobah, the technology of Coruscant, the hot sandy deserts of Tatooine, and the frigid cold of Hoth! Complete your training as a padawan and become a Jedi knight!


Techno City

June 26-30

In this hands-on camp, you and your fellow campers will combine science and imagination to construct and light up your own metropolis! Build a city of the future or past, or create a fictional world all your own. Use your knowledge of circuitry and electricity to light up the town!


Natural Disasters

July 10-14

Ready to shake things up? Investigate exploding volcanoes, rumbling earthquakes, powerful waves, and twisting funnel clouds. Learn the science behind predicting, observing, and adapting to these overwhelming forces of nature. Hold on tight or this camp will blow you away!



July 17-21

Sharpen your powers of observation as we learn how forensic scientists crack cases! Explore fingerprinting, DNA, and deductive thinking to unravel the clues in our mini forensic lab. Work together to solve this challenging whodunit!


Slime Entrepreneur

July 24-28

Experiment to discover the best recipe for your slime business! Make regular slime, fluffy slime, floam, and other sticky, squishy substances. Learn how to start your own slime business, design packaging, and advertise!


Cardboard Arcade

July 31-August4

Whether you love arcade games or just building amazing creations from simple materials, this camp is for you! Transform the entire classroom into an arcade with tokens, tickets, and prizes! Are you ready to play?


Advanced LEGO® Robotics

August 7-11

Design awesome robots using the LEGO® Spike™ Prime system! You’ll learn engineering basics via exploration and trial-and-error testing. Build and program to complete increasingly complex tasks as the week goes on! Are you up to the challenge?


Science of Art

August 14-18

Take your artwork to the next level by investigating the science behind making cool art. Use scientific inquiry to make your own art supplies, experiment with new art techniques, and make art out of fun science experiments. From materials science to the science of pigments and light, you’ll explore a variety of scientific fields as you create unique and original pieces of art.


Shutter Bugs

August 21-25

Want to learn how to take better pictures? Explore the science of photography and the importance of having the right lighting, special effects, zoom, and pixels. Use the power of science to create your own pinhole camera and develop pictures in a dark room!