Age 9-10

LEGO® Robotics

June 13-17

Discover the world of robots! Design your own moving robot and use the LEGO WeDo system to explore robot challenges and find solutions to make your robot even better. Using only sensors and gears, you’ll turn ordinary LEGOs into amazing robots! This experience involves teamwork, competition, problem solving, creativity, and lots of fun!


YouTube Star

June 20-24

Ever watch your favorite YouTube channel and think, “I could do that!”? Become a writer, editor, vlogger—or all three—as you create your own vlog. Join us to get hands-on experience using recording equipment and video-editing software to help you create quality science-themed content!


Slime Entrepreneur

June 27-July 1

Experiment with a wide variety of ingredients to discover the best slime recipe for your slime business! Make regular slime, fluffy slime, floam, and other sticky, squishy substances. Learn how to start your own business, design your own packaging, and advertise!


Techno City

July 11-15

In this hands-on camp, you’ll work together to combine science and imagination to construct and light up your own metropolis! Build a city of the future, of the past, or create a fictional world all your own. Use your knowledge of circuitry and electricity to light up the town!


Cardboard Arcade

July 18-22

Whether you love arcade games or just building amazing creations from simple materials, this camp is for you! Great ideas become reality with a combination of creativity, construction and mechanics, and the design process. Transform the entire classroom into an arcade with tokens, tickets, and prizes! Are you ready to play?


Science of Art

July 25-29

Imagine, create, and innovate! Take your artwork to the next level by investigating the science behind making cool art. Use scientific inquiry to make your own art supplies, experiment with new art techniques, and make art out of fun science experiments! Explore the excitement of science and the beauty of nature to unleash your inner artist!


Video Game Designer

August 1-5

Have you ever wanted to create your own video game? Come design a virtual world and all its characters! This camp offers opportunities to engage in “Scratch” programming to build your own game. Draw inspiration from existing games as you explore the history of this ever-evolving industry!



August 8-12

Sharpen your powers of observation as we explore how forensic scientists crack cases! Explore fingerprinting, DNA, deductive thinking, and more to investigate our mock crime science and unravel the clues in our mini forensic lab! New mysteries await; can you work together—and against the clock—to solve this challenging whodunit?


Marvel-ous Science

August 15-19

Are you ready to jump into the multiverse? Become something of a scientist yourself as we explore the science behind Marvel characters, from Captain Marvel’s photon blasts to the technological innovations of Wakanda. Create Venom goo, explore the geometry of the Mirror Dimension, and undergo agility training worthy of Black Widow and Hawkeye!


Science Mystery Box

August 22-26

Each day, we’ll open a surprise box that will give you clues about what’s in store for the day! Enjoy hands-on science experiments, tinker with technology, explore engineering, create unique works of art, and discover a new appreciation for mathematics. We’re doing a little bit of everything in this STEAM camp!