Age 9-10

Advanced LEGO® Robotics

June 14-18

Design awesome robots using the LEGO® EV3 system! Build and program robots to complete increasingly complex tasks as the week goes on!


Natural Disasters

June 21-25

Ready to shake things up? Investigate exploding volcanoes, rumbling earthquakes, powerful waves, and twisting funnel clouds.


Science of Art

June 28-July 2

Use scientific inquiry to make your own art supplies, experiment with new techniques, and unleash your inner artist!


Advanced Video Game Science

July 5-9

Level up your gaming skills by designing your very own 3-D game in the KODU platform. Discover the history and science of video games to inspire you!


Secret Formulas

July 12-16

Take your chemistry skills to the max in this week of hands-on fun! Discover the perfect slime recipe and experiment with open-source cola recipes!



Cardboard Arcade

July 19-23

Combine creativity, construction and mechanics, and the design process to transform the entire classroom into an arcade with tokens, tickets, and prizes!


Advanced Techno City

July 26-30

Learn about the world of design, electricity, circuits, and more! You’ll combine science and imagination to light up your own metropolis!


Extreme Survivor

August 2-6

This camp will improve your odds in any survival situation. Learn to navigate by the sun and moon, create traps, purify drinking water, and more!


YouTube Star

August 9-13

Join us to get hands-on experience using recording equipment and video- editing software to help you create quality science-themed content!


Science of Star Wars

August 16-20

Join us to explore flight, create droids, and design our own light sabers. Play with lasers and build your own wind- powered pod racer with your friends!


Science of Photography

August 23-27

Explore the science behind having the right lighting, special effects, zoom, and pixels. Use the power of science to create your own pinhole camera and develop pictures in a dark room!