Age 7-8


Update: Camps for ages 7-8 are sold out. For those interested, waitlists are available via the button below.


Chemistry Craze

June 13-17

Fizzing potions, oozing eruptions and flashy explosions are what this week is all about! Explore the world of acids and bases through bubbly, sticky, and slimy experiments. Mix, pour, and stir your way to creating amazing concoctions!


Amazing Artists

June 20-27

Let science be your muse and unleash your inner artist! We’ll use physics to analyze paint splatters, use chemistry to mix colors, and engineering concepts to design 3-D art. Prepare to get a little messy as you create stunning works of art!


Space Cadets

June 27-July 1

Get ready to explore the solar system and beyond! Create your own telescope to explore the constellations, then learn all about our favorite star—the sun! Put on your astronaut gear and find out what it takes to leave the Earth and explore space! You’ll have a blast during this stellar week of cosmic adventure!


Crack the Code

July 11-15

Computer code is the foundation for many career paths: computer programming, robotics, video game design, and more! In this camp, we’ll learn coding basics through play and technology! We’ll be using Osmo software and Minecraft Education Edition to improve our skills throughout the week. End the week by programming a robot of your design!


Pirate Adventure

July 18-22

Arrr you ready for a week of pirate fun? Learn about navigation, astronomy, and pirate nutrition as we explore what life at sea is like. Build a ship to sail safely through the unruly waves, then use your compass and treasure maps for an epic science adventure! It’s the pirate’s life for you!


Natural Wonders

July 25-29

The outdoors is your classroom this week! Search for bugs, feed the birds, and learn to identify plants. We’ll take regular nature walks, examine artifacts we’ve collected, and create beautiful natural art. Your love of nature will soar in this awesome nature camp!


Ingenious Engineers

August 1-5 

Engineers solve problems every day with their inventions and innovations. This week, you’re the engineer as we simple machines and physics to help you solve problems and complete challenges. You’ll use the engineering design process to invent a device that helps people, try new building materials, and innovate existing inventions to make them even better!


Movie Magic

August 8-12

Lights! Camera! Action! Work with a team and find your role as a writer, actor, or director to develop your very own movie! Explore the movie-making process—from writing and storyboards to filming and editing. You’ll learn the science of lighting, sound effects, camera technology, and more!


Can You Dig It?

August 15-19

Do you love to dig stuff up? Grab your shovels as we analyze fossils like a paleontologist, collect rocks like a geologist, and study creepy crawlies like an entomologist. We’re excavating a little bit of everything!


Science Mystery Box

August 22-26

Each day, we’ll open a surprise box that will give you clues about what’s in store for the day! Enjoy hands-on science experiments, tinker with technology, explore engineering, create unique works of art, and discover a new appreciation for mathematics. We’re doing a little bit of everything in this STEAM camp!