Age 7-8

Hogwarts Adventure

June 8-12

Discover the magic and mystery of science as we levitate objects, make potions, and learn about fantastic beasts. You’ll be sorted into houses and compete for the House Cup!


Video Game Science

June 15-19 & July 6-10

Learn “Scratch” programming to build your own video game as you explore video game history and design. Test your skills on a variety of gaming platforms, then show off your creation in our video game showcase!


LEGO® Robotics

June 22-26 & July 13-17

Using sensors and gears, you’ll design and build a moving robot and use the LEGO® WeDo system to explore challenges and find solutions to improve your design!


Concoctions & Reactions

July 20-24

Grab your goggles and lab coat! Explore the science behind luminescence, dry ice, and endothermic reactions! Mix, pour, and stir your way to creating amazing concoctions.


Best Commercial Ever!

July 27-31

Become a writer, director, and actor as you make your own commercials. Analyze the psychology of advertisements while you master filming and editing through fun challenges.


Science of Art

August 3-7

Create art through fun science experiments! Apply the laws of physics to create splatter art, and use chemistry to make your own watercolors. Let science be your muse!


Techno City

August 10-14

In this hands-on camp, use science and imagination to construct and light up your own metropolis! Build a city of the future, of the past, or create a fictional world all your own!


Cardboard Arcade

August 17-21

Create a cardboard arcade as a class with a combination of creativity, construction, mechanics, and the design process! Let others test out your games at a weekend showcase with tokens, tickets, and prizes!





Towers & Forts

Monday, June 29 

Let your imagination soar as you challenge the forces of tension and compression to build truly epic towers! We’ll end the day on a high note with a life-size fort-building extravaganza!


Colorific Science

Tuesday, June 30

Discover the science of colors as you make your own rainbow, create a colorful masterpiece, and experiment with color mixing!


Sunsational Science

Wednesday, July 1

Learn the science behind the sun and UV rays through hands-on experimentation. Create sun prints, design an operational solar oven, and discover how sunscreen really works!


Inside Out

Thursday, July 2

Come take a look inside things like computers, golf balls, and more to discover how they’re made and what makes them work!


Throwing Things

Friday, July 3

Whether we’re throwing, flinging, or slinging objects through the air, investigate the science of projectiles as you’re challenged to improve your aim, speed, and maximum distance.


Ready, Set, Race!

Monday, August 24

Learn how to race with smarts by experimenting with friction, speed, and weight. Design your own model car and test it for speed. Join us for a friendly competition in the name of science!


LEGO® Builder

Tuesday, August 25

Unleash your creativity designing and building with LEGO®s! You’ll create totally unique constructions, prototype the fastest LEGO® cars, and build the strongest structure of the day!


Mission Impossible

Wednesday, August 26

Calling all spy agents-in-training! Create your disguise and go undercover as we solve mysteries at your Science Center. You’ll use spy gadgets, decipher a secret message, and analyze evidence. It’s up to you, Agent, to solve the case!



Thursday, August 27

Geocaches are small containers hidden all over the world and found via global positioning systems. Learn how to navigate your way to a nearby cache using satellite information, and create your own cache for others to find!


Crack the Code

Friday, August 28

From complex computer scripts to secret messages to your own DNA, codes are all around us! Come learn the fundamentals of programming and turn everyday objects into your own interactive playground!


Potato Chip Science

Monday, August 31

Join us as we discover the experimental fun behind empty chip bags, potatoes, and, of course, potato chips! We’ll make a battery out of a potato and test the pH levels of various kinds of chips!


Sticky Science

Tuesday, September 1

Come explore the sticky side of science through icky, squishy experiments! From stretchy polymers to sticky concoctions, we’ll unleash the hidden potential of substances all around us.


Extreme Energy

Wednesday, September 2

We’re taking science to the extreme in this day of energy-filled fun! Explore the power of kinetic energy, build an electric circuit, and discover how to harness the power of sustainable energy sources!


Do Try this at Home

Thursday, September 3

Come conduct experiments you can modify and recreate at home! We’ll try our hands at some kitchen chemistry, dive into density, and create static electricity! Science is all around us— especially at home!


Get Soaked Up!

Friday, September 4

Expect to get more than a little wet while challenging your understanding of one of our most important resources: water! Engage in hands-on experiences and learn about the water cycle, properties of liquids, and water-based art.


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