Age 7-8

Castle Adventure

June 14-18

Travel back in time with us to find out what life would have been like living in a castle! Try on a few different roles as we design castles, build siege weapons to attack them, and create your own coat of arms in this legendary camp!


LEGO® Robotics

June 21-25 & July 19-23

Discover the world of robots! You’ll get to design a moving robot and use LEGO® WeDo software to make your robot even better. This experience involves teamwork, competition, problem solving, creativity, and lots of fun!


Video Game Science

June 28-July 2 & July 26-30

Come design a virtual world and all its characters! This camp offers opportunities to engage in “Scratch” programming to build your own game as you learn about video game history and design.


Amusement Park Science

July 5-9

Experiment with physics, friction, inertia, and momentum to find out how amusement park rides work! Use your design and engineering skills to create miniature models of your favorite rides. Get ready for the ride of your life!


Techno City

July 12-16

Construct and light up your own metropolis! Build a city that predicts the future, represents the past, replicates the present, or create a fictional world all your own; the possibilities are endless!


Fizz Boom Chemistry

August 2-6

Fizzy potions, oozy eruptions, and flashy explosions are what this week is all about! Explore the world of acids and bases through bubbly, sticky, and slimy experiments. Mix, pour, and stir your way to creating amazing concoctions!



August 9-13 

Explore fingerprinting, DNA, deductive thinking, and more to investigate our mock crime scene and unravel the clues in our mini forensic lab! New mysteries await; can you work together to solve this challenging whodunit?


Movie Magic

August 16-20

Lights! Camera! SCIENCE! Become a writer, actor, editor, and producer as you develop your very own movie! You’ll learn the science of lighting, sound effects, and camera technology as you explore the movie-making process.


Nature Wonders

August 23-27

The outdoors is your classroom! Search for bugs, feed the birds, and learn to identify plants. We’ll take regular nature walks, examine artifacts we’ve collected, and create beautiful nature art. Your love of nature will soar in this awesome nature camp!