Age 5-6

Art Adventure

June 14-18

Science and art have more in common than you think! Use science to mix colors, create unique splatters, and make beautiful, natural works of art.


Dinosaur Stomp!

June 21-25 

Dig for fossils, learn about dinosaurs, and make dinosaur tracks in a camp that’s sure to be a roaring good time!


Chemistry Craze

June 28-July 2

Grab your goggles and lab coats! From gooey slime to color-changing liquids, we’ll unleash the hidden potential of substances all around us.


Space Explorers

July 5-9

We’ll launch rockets, explore planets, and create our own space-worthy astronaut gear! Blast-off for a week of out-of-this-world fun!


Inside Me!

July 12-16

Through hands-on experiments, we’ll discover how muscles make us move, how lungs fill with air, and what happens to food after we eat it!


Eco Explorers

July 19-23

Investigate nature and experiment with what’s living in our yards, rivers, and forests. We’ll go on nature walks and make art with materials we collect!


Arrgh! Pirate Science

July 26-30

Ahoy, me mateys! Learn the science of piracy by designing sea-worthy vessels, investigating maps, and studying volcanic islands.


Can You Dig It?

August 2-6

Grab your shovels as we analyze fossils like a paleontologist, collect rocks like a geologist, and study creepy crawlies!

Science of Toys

August 9-13 

Come play with us as we investigate the science of toys and how they work. Put your expertise to the test and invent a toy of your own design!


Superhero Science

August 16-20

Come investigate the science behind your favorite superheroes’ powers! Experiment with invisibility, super- strength, and moving objects without touching them!


Electrifying Science!

August 23-27

What happens when you flip a light switch or press a button on your computer? Make simple circuits and take some of your creations home! It’s sure to be an electrifying experience!


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