Age 5-6


Please note: Camps for ages 5-6 are sold out. For those interested, waitlists are available by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


Superhero Science

June 13-17

If you could have a superpower, what power would you want? Come share stories of your favorite superheroes while investigating the real science behind their amazing superpowers. Experiment with invisibility, super-strength, and moving objects without touching them!


Art Adventure

June 20-24 

Science and art have more in common than you think! Use scientific inquiry to make your own art supplies, discover new techniques, and make a masterpiece out of science experiments! Apply the science of chemistry to mix colors, physics to create unique splatters, and biology to inspire beautiful natural works of art!


Arrg! Pirate Science

June 27-July 1

Ahoy, me mateys! Learn the science of piracy by designing sea-worthy vessels, investigating maps, and studying volcanic islands. Voyage on an epic journey to seek the buried treasure left behind by pirates of centuries past!


Space Explorers

July 11-15

Expand your knowledge and your imagination to the size of the solar system and beyond! We’ll launch rockets, explore planets, and create our own space-worthy astronaut gear. Blast-off for a week of out-of-this-world fun!


Eco Explorers

July 18-22

Explore the great outdoors as a naturalist and explore what’s living in our yards, rivers, and forests. We’ll examine bugs, investigate the water cycle, and grow our own plants. Grab your hiking shoes for some outdoor fun!


Jr. Spy

July 25-29

Explore the world of spies, secret messages, and codes. Create spy gadgets to help you look around corners and see behind you! Use your knowledge and skills from training to go undercover on a top-secret mission!



August 1-5

Put your paleontology skills to the test as we investigate creatures that roamed the Earth long ago. Dig for fossils, learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, and make dinosaur tracks! We’re going to dig up some serious fun!


Build & Destroy

August 8-12

Come engineer amazing structures and then switch to demolition mode to figure out the most efficient way to knock them down! Design structures that can withstand the destruction using materials such as blocks, LEGOs, and even edible building materials!


Fizz Wiz Chemistry

August 15-19

Grab your goggles and lab coats! We’re unleashing the hidden potential of substances all around us with hands-on experimentation. Mix acids with bases, create gooey slime, and change the color of liquids all with the power of chemistry!


Science Mystery Box

August 22-26

Each day, we’ll open a surprise box that will give you clues about what’s in store for the day! Enjoy hands-on science experiments, tinker with technology, explore engineering, create unique works of art, and discover a new appreciation for mathematics. We’re doing a little bit of everything in this STEAM camp!


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