Age 5-6

Build & Destroy 

June 10-14

Come engineer amazing structures and then switch to demolition mode to figure out the most efficient way to knock them down!


Inside Me!

June 17-21

Through hands-on experiments, we'll discover how muscles make us move, how lungs fill with air, and what happens to food after we eat it!


Art Adventure

June 24-28

Investigate color and texture, make your own art supplies, and test new techniques to unleash your inner artist!


Argg! Pirate Science

July 8-12  

Learn the science of piracy by designing sea-worthy vessels, investigating navigation, and more!


When I Grow Up!

July 15-19

What do you want to be when you grow up? We're learning all about careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math in this hands-on camp!



July 22-26

If gross is your thing, you'll love to get messy in this camp! Explore the science of everything slimy, gooey, and gross—from snot and barf to worms and germs. Make disgusting creations to take home and gross out your friends and family!


Space Explorers

July 29 - August 2

Are you curious about space? Expand your knowledge and your imagination to the size of the solar system and beyond! We'll launch rockets, explore planets, and create our own space-worthy astronaut gear!


Eco Explorers

August 5-9

Investigate nature and experiment with what's living in our yards, rivers, and forests. We'll go on nature walks, make art with materials we collect, and more!


Dinosaur Safari

August 12-16

Put your paleontology skills to the test as we investigate creatures that roamed the Earth long ago. Dig for fossils, learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, and make dinosaur tracks! We're going to dig up some serious fun!


Chemistry Craze

August 19-23

Come explore chemistry through fizzy, sticky, and squishy experiments! From gooey slime to color-changing liquids, we'll unleash the hidden potential of substances all around us with hands-on experimentation.





Geology Rocks!

Monday, July 1 

Come explore the world of rocks and minerals, and learn how plate tectonics have changed the Earth's surface throughout time! See how heat and pressure can change rocks into something new! Get ready to become a geologist and have a rockin' time!


Get Messy!

Tuesday, July 2

We're exploring the messier side of science in this hands-on camp! Make paint balloon projectiles, play with sticky oobleck, and discover a world of animals, plants, and minerals in the dirt!


Cooking Science

Wednesday, July 3

Transform ordinary kitchen ingredients into amazing concoctions! Explore solutions, reactions, and more while you create edible science experiments that will wow your senses! Learn about the science behind the heat transfer from kitchen appliances like stoves, toasters, and ovens!


Marvelous Machines

Friday, July 5

From simple to technological, we'll deconstruct, explore, and create our own machines! Learn about the elements that make machines go, from motors to cranks to gears. Learn the secrets of gadgets, gizmos, and more!



Monday, August 26

Have you ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Now, with modern technology, you can! Geocaches are small containers hidden all over the world and found via global positioning systems. Learn how to navigte your way to a nearby cache using satellite information, and even create your own cache for others to find!


Potato Chip Science  

Tuesday, August 27

Join us as we discover the experimental fun behind empty chip bags, potatoes, and of course, potato chips! We'll make a battery out of a potato, and test the pH levels of various kinds of chips!


Art Explosion

Wednesday, August 28

Not all art is paint or ink on a page! Explore the world of kinetic art in this creative camp! You'll need to draw upon art, balance, and engineering to make a masterpiece that moves using human power, wind power, or gravity! From perfectly balanced mobiles to art machines, come and push art into new dimensions!


Superhero Science 

Thursday, August 29

ZAP! KABOOM! POW! Science comes to the rescue in this day of hands-on investigation! Explore the powers of your favorite superheroes, whether they have super abilities or fancy gadgets. You'll also get to create your own superhero identity! In this camp, anyone can be a hero! 


Get Soaked Up!

Friday, August 30

Splish, splash, this is going to be a blast! Expect to get more than a little wet while challenging your understanding of one of our most important resources: water! Engage in hands-on experiences and learn about the water cycle, properties of liquids, and water-based art. Come make a splash at this science-soaked week of H2O fun!


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