Half day camps run 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Age 3-5

Under the Sea

June 10-14  

Come make a splash at this science-soaked week of water fun! Learn about the water cycle, properties of liquids, and make water-based art!


Potions & Eruptions

June 17-21   

Explore chemistry through icky, sticky, and squishy experiments. We'll use the power of science to unleash the hidden potential of substances all around us!


Construction Junction

June 24-28

Become an engineer and create structures using materials like blocks, LEGO®s, toothpicks, and more!


Amazing Art

July 8-12

Leave the coloring books behind! Come mix your own paints, design towering sculptures, and make your very own art creations while exploring science!


Pirate Adventure 

July 15-19 

Arrrr you ready for a week of pirate fun? Learn about navigation, astronomy, and pirate nutrition as we explore what life at sea is like. Build a ship to sail safely through the unruly waves, then use your compass and treasure maps for an epic science adventure! It's the pirate's life for you!


On the Farm

July 22-26

Be just like Old McDonald on the farm! We'll learn all about the science of farming, from planting crops to the importance of pollinators!


Doc McStuffins Science

July 29-August 2  

Follow Doc's lead and investigate the work of real people who fix things. Step into the role of doctor, veterinarian, and mechanic to solve problems, conduct experiments, and more!


Space Cadets  

August 5-9   

Get ready to explore the solar system and beyond! Create your own telescope to explore the constellations, then put on your astronaut gear and prepare for blast off!


Nature Wonders

August 12-16 

The great outdoors is your classroom as we search for bugs, feed the birds, and explore the shapes and textures of leaves. We'll take regular walks, examine artifacts we've collected, and create beautiful nature art.


Dinosaur Stomp!

August 19-23 

Investigate why dinosaurs no longer roam the Earth, and look for their descendants still living today-all while stomping around your Science Center!

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