Age 11-14

Make with Wood

June 8-12

Sawing, drilling, and nailing are all on the docket in this camp! Learn the skills necessary to build with wood and make things like marble mazes, boxes, and a candy dispenser!


Slime Entrepreneur

June 15-19

Create your own unique polymers, slimes, and floam while studying chemical reactions! Learn how to start your own slime business, design your own packaging, and advertise!


Inked Up!

June 22-26

Practice stamp-making and embossing, screen print your logo on a t-shirt or bag, make temporary tattoos, and more! Dive in deep to all things ink and embrace the mess in this camp!


Science Vlogging

July 6-10

Join us to get hands-on experience using recording equipment and video-editing software! Invent a persona and practice your video-making technique!


Renewable ElectriCITY

July 13-17

Work together to build a city and overcome challenges to its growth. Learn how renewable energy can power your city with sun, wind, and water!


Ultimate Video Games

July 20-24

Throughout the week, you’ll plan, design, and develop a video game in the Unity game engine. At the end of the week, you can show off your game in our video game showcase!


Pinball & Arcade

July 27-31

Learn about the science behind pinball and other arcade machines! Explore launchers, integrate lighting, and showcase your own creation by turning Think Tank into an arcade!


Escape Artist

August 3-7

Got what it takes to escape? Throughout the week, you’ll visit a local escape room, solve and build puzzles of your own, then work with your group to design an escape room for others to solve!


Turn it Up!

August 10-14

Learn the science of sound and use it to build an instrument! Write your own theme song and program it into a circuit board. Build a speaker, wire it up, and create housing for your boom box to blast your song!


Hidden Electricity

August 17-21

Learn how to use electricity and magnetism to make circuits that communicate with each other. Practice your engineering design skills to hide your circuits and make your projects look like magic!


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