Age 11-14

Make with Wood

June 14-18

Sawing, drilling, and nailing are all on the docket in this camp! Learn the skills necessary to build with wood and make things like marble mazes, boxes, and a candy dispenser!


Sustainable Energy

June 21-25

Experiment with energy of the future as we explore sustainable energy systems! Learn how to harness eco-friendly energy with hands on projects, including making your very own solar powered mini car!


Woven Wonders

June 28-July 2

All early cultures used the ancient art of weaving to create vibrant clothing, tapestries, rugs and more. In this camp, start small with finger weaving, then make your own wooden lap loom later in the week!


What's in the Box?

July 6-10

A camp that is a combination of making and mystery - what could possibly go wrong? Campers will learn a new making technique every day. Tackle a making challenge that uses a mystery box of materials!


Music Making

July 12-16

Learn about music production and see how music can be used both visually and aurally by creating our own movie scores, beats, and more! No previous music experience is required.


Trash to Treasure

July 19-23

Let's turn your sentimental treasures into something new! In this camp, we will take often discarded items like old toys, plastic grocery bags, bottle caps, and more and transform them!


Escape Artist

July 26-30

Got what it takes to escape? Throughout the week, you’ll solve and build puzzles of your own, then work with your group to design an escape room for others to solve!


Ultimate Video Games

August 2-6

Throughout the week, you’ll plan, design, and develop a video game in the Unity game engine. At the end of the week, you can show off your game in our video game showcase!


Inked Up!

August 9-13

Practice stamp-making and embossing, screen print your logo on a t-shirt or bag, make temporary tattoos, and more! Dive in deep to all things ink and embrace the
mess in this camp!


Pinball & Arcade

August 16-20

Learn about the science behind pinball and other arcade machines! Explore launchers, integrate lighting, and showcase your own creation by turning Think Tank into an arcade!


Sensational Ceramics

August 23-27

Learn the fundamentals of clay-working in this camp as we get creative with different types of clay in this camp. We will learn about clay cutting, etching, and glazing as we create mosaics, planters, and more!


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