Age 11-13

Make with Wood

June 13-17

Sawing, drilling, and nailing are all on the docket in this camp! Learn the skills necessary to build with wood to make things like keepsake boxes, pencil holders, and a candy dispenser! We can’t wait to see what you make!


Advanced LEGO Robotics

June 27-July 1

Design awesome robots using the LEGO EV3 system! Working alone and also in teams, you’ll learn coding basics via exploration and trial-and-error field testing. You’ll build and program robots to complete increasingly complex tasks as the week goes on. Are you up to the challenge?


Advanced Video Game Designer

July 18-22

Embrace your love of video games and take your skill to the next level by designing a virtual game in which you control the outcome, characters, and levels! Learn and use the Lua coding language to design your very own video game! Draw inspiration from existing games as you discover the history of this ever-evolving industry!


Pinball Arcade

August 1-5

Learn about the science of motion and reflection behind pinball and other arcade machines! Explore launchers, integrate lighting, and showcase your own creation by turning Think Tank into an arcade!



August 15-19

TikTok can be much more than viral dances and sounds! Join us to get hands-on experience using recording equipment and video-editing software to create bite-sized science-themed content. Discover the science of algorithms as you explore what it takes to get a video on your FYP!


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