Spring L.A.B.S.


South America

Monday, April 2

Come join our traveling expedition and trek through the world’s largest rainforest and paddle its widest river—the Amazon! Learn about South America’s diverse species of plants and animals that live near the equator, and find out how people have adapted to living high in the Andes Mountains. You’ll also discover places like Machu Picchu and the ancient Incan civilization that created it.


Tuesday, April 3

Tour Africa’s amazing savannas, deserts, and rainforests and learn about the amazing wildlife that live there! Investigate why the Nile River has been and continues to be so important—for the ancient Egyptian civilization to present-day Egyptians. During this camp, we’ll also explore how wind and weather impact the whole African continent.


Wednesday, April 4

Journey to the other side of the world to discover the world’s largest continent that spans the equator to the Arctic Circle! In Asia, learn how plate tectonics have made the Himalayas the tallest mountains on Earth and how farmers take advantage of the rainy climate to create rice paddies on hillsides.


Thursday, April 5

Come travel east with us to explore the continent bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans! Discover how people in northern Europe enjoy midnight sun in the middle of summer and live with 24 hours of darkness in winter. You’ll also get to try building massive towers and experiment with different types of architecture!


Friday, April 6

To close out the week, come visit the Southern Hemisphere and experience the island continent in the land down under! Learn why most marsupials are only found in Australia and how they are different from other mammals. Let’s embark on a voyage to the Great Barrier Reef to explore its diverse and beautiful marine life and understand the ways its delicate ecosystem is threatened.



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