STEM at Home

Developed to support at-home learning and curiosity, these hands-on activities explore a variety of basic scientific concepts themed around your favorite Impression 5 exhibits! 


Build Zone

Challenge your inner engineer with card towers, marshmallow forces, and cup pyramids.


Chew On This!

Try your hand at dental science by learning about the calcium in your teeth.


MI Nature

Connect with the natural world around you with a photo safari, nature art, and more!



Learn all about the science of bubbles by playing with states of matter and learning about surface tension.


SMASH: A Nuclear Adventure

Think small! Learn about molecular science and covalent bonding with marshmallows.



Dive into the science of light by making shadow shapes and investigating the rainbow!


Throwing Things

Discover the power of kinetic and potential energy with a slow-motion catapult.


Young Child Activities

Explore hands-on science for our youngest scientists (ages 2 and up)!


Additional Resources

Explore bonus virtual learning opportunities from around the web!