Science on Wheels

Hands-on science exploration and dynamic,
inquiry-based learning. 

Put science on wheels and have Impression 5 come to you! Think outisde the box for an extra exciting day at school, or surprise your guests at a special event with a fun science themed activity! 

Where will Science on Wheels travel?

When there is a chance to take science on the go, we can't say no! Science on Wheels will gladly visit:

  • Schools
  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Churches
  • And more...

Featured Activities

Choose from our complete list of educational workshops!

  • Biospheres
  • Light
  • Magnets
  • Slime
  • And more!

Call (517) 485-8116 ext. 144 today to ask about the amazing opportunities that can be brought to you through Science on Wheels! Customizable packages start at $150.

Science Studio

An outreach program that facilitates the Science Center's model of Play, Create, Challenge!

Science Studio is designed to be accessible to all age ranges, from young children to adults! PLAY with everyday science concepts, CREATE something using familiar materials, CHALLENGE yourself to design something new, and then test and improve upon it!


Step Inside the Studio 

  • Find an open Work Bench
  • Grab your materials from the Tool Bench
  • Compare your creation at the Science Gallery

Science Studio is a versatile program that accommodates many different subjects! Though unlike Science on Wheels, this program may not be customized to alter from it's original design. This is because it was carefully planned to create a very particular environment with special intentions.

Call (517) 485-8116 ext. 144 for more information, pricing, and to set up your Science Studio today!