Interactive Science Workshops

Enhance your day visit; schedule your group for a workshop! Workshops are scheduled for 30 minutes. Larger groups may require multiple sessions. For your planning convenience you can find fee and content standards following the workshop descriptions.

Want to take part in more workshops than you have time for? Ask us about Science on Wheels! We are happy to extend your Impression 5 experience away from the Science Center.

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Reservations Coordinator: Ext. 132



Students will explore water and the carbon cycles as they make their own biome, get their hands in the dirt and explore all the items needed for a self-contained system. We will explore plants and learn about photosynthesis and how it works. Each student will take home their own biosphere!
Fee: $2.00
Standard(s): L.OL.00.11-12, L.OL.01.21, L.OL.02.14, L.OL.02.22, L.OL.03.31, L.OL.04.15, P.EN. 07. 43


Experiment with Snap Circuits, alter the path of an electron, discover power sources, and investigate the difference between series and parallel circuits! Get your hands on the four components of any circuit, and more, in this exploratory workshop!
Fee: $1.00
Standard(s): S.IP.00-04.13, P.EN.E51


Students will experiment with force and motion and participate in a variety of challenges that will help build their understanding of motion, speed, acceleration, gravity, and force!
Fee: $1.00
Standard(s): P.FM.00.11-12, P.FM.00.21, P.FM.00.31-34, P.FM.03.22, P.FM.03.35-38, P.FM.03.41-43, P.FM.05.21-22, P.FM.05.31-34, P.FM.05.41-43


How can we see light and what colors create it? Students will explore the fascinating world of light in this mesmerizing workshop that supplements the Light & Color exhibit. The workshop’s activities will challenge students to identify sources of light, and explore the concepts of reflection and refraction!
Fee: $2.00
Standard(s): P.EN.03.11, P.EN.03.21-22, P.PM.03.52


Explore magnetic fields and magnetic and non-magnetic objects! Learn about magnetic poles and see how magnets attract or repel other magnets. In this exploratory workshop, we’ll discuss how the Earth is a magnet and how compasses work!
Fee: $1.00
Standard(s): P.PM.01.31-32, P.PM.04.33-34


Explore how molecules interact in solids, liquids, and gases! Learn about several other basic chemistry principles, such as physical and chemical changes. Then finally, mix ingredients to create your own colorful Slime to take home!
Fee: $2.00
Standard(s): P.PM.01.21-22, P.PM.04.23, P.CM.04.11, P.CM.06.11-12, P.PM.07.23, P.CM.07.22


Experiment with different uses of static electricity and explore conductors, insulators, circuits, currents, and more! Participants will observe first-hand the powerful effects of static electricity with our Van de Graaff generator in a shocking and hair-raising experience.
Fee: $1.00
Standard(s): P.EN.04.12



What are bugs, and where can you find them? Explore the science of lightning bugs, as well as the many different bugs that fly, scurry, and jump around us!
Fee: $2.00


Love digging? Explore how fossils are formed, and dig them up with paleontology tools! Unearth the mystery of plants and animals from long ago!
Fee: $2.00


Smell without sight, and see what you can’t hear! Discover what our senses do, and how important they are with sensational hands-on activities!
Fee: $1.00