Birthday Parties at Impression 5!

When you spend your birthday at Impression 5, you can explore the exhibits, create your own slime to take home, investigate what makes your hair stand up and more!


All packages include:

  • Admission to the Science Center for you and your guests.
  • One science workshop of your choice. (Additional workshops may be added for $25 each.)
  • A private room to host your party. (Party size may be limited by available space.)

Basic Party Package: 2 hours

  • $150/member, $225/not-yet-member

Big Bash Party Package: 2.5 hours

  • $200/member, $275/not-yet-member

Ultimate Party Package: 3 hours

  • $250/member, $325/not-yet-member


  • Biospheres
    Explore nature then create and take home your own biosphere.

  • Circuit Builders
    Experiment with snap circuits, alter the path of electrons, and more. 

  • Electricity
    Witness the effects of static electricity in this hair-raising experience!

  • Light
    Identify sources of light, and explore the colors that create it. 

  • Magnets
    Conduct a magnetic experiment and learn how magnets work.

  • Slime
    Create your own ooey-gooey slime to take home with you!
  • Pre-school: Bugs! (5 and younger)
    Explore the many bugs that fly, scurry, and jump around us!

  • Pre-school: Fossils (5 and younger)
    Unearth the mystery of plants and animals that lived long ago!


Add-on Workshops - $25

Helium Balloon Bouquet (16) - $32

Science Store Goodie Bag - $5.50 each 

Gift Cards - choose your own amount!


To make reservations for your birthday party today, call (517) 485-8116, ext. 132
View a PDF of our birthday party brochure.